H1Z1 Crafting & Survival Guide (Bag_Space)

( work in progress )

So you’ve started with my Intro Survival guide ( link it ), you’ve done a little scavenging , now your backpack is full and your wondering where to go from here.

Very quickly you’ll start to realize no matter how much you scrimp and scrap you WILL run out of water and food very quickly. What ya need to determine is a nice safe out of the way place ( that you can remember the location for) and start making a home base.

First up let get a new backpack with more space , if you still have the satchel we made in the intro guide then the new one has about 4 times the space , there are backpacks in the wild that are 1000 slot which is great, so if you have one of these and simply don’t want to spend your precious resources crafting a 1200 slot bag, just skip to the next section 🙂

Hopefully since the intro guide you have been trying to “discover” as much as possible, if you have then this will be easy , if you have not then the following is the steps to build this, so away we go.

You’ll need to discover a couple of things if you haven’t already done so.

scrap metal = Metal Bracket
scrap metal = metal shard
metal shard = Nail

scrapmetaldis1  metalshardnew

metalbracket1   metalsharddis1  nail

Once this is done , you should be able to craft a “Backpack Frame” so create one of these.

backpackdis1  backpackdis2

1 x Backpack Frame , 1 x scrap of cloth & 1 x spool of twine and BOOM!, you have a brand new 1200 slot “Framed Backpack”.

backpackdis3  backpackdis4

Basically this will help you gather the heavy materials needed to build your home base which will and do take up ALOT of inventory space. Before we start with the actual base however i would suggest having a “Stach” somewhere closish to where you are going to build your base to temporarily store items because as i mentioned above, they take up ALOT of space, here’s what you need.

1 x Wooden stick
1 x metal sheet ( metal sheets are fairly easy to come by on wrecked vehicles , but can be crafted later on )

shovel1 shovel2

This will create a ” Hand Shovel ” i would recommend using this amongst some trees/shrubs etc so its not easily found, hopefully except by you. You can store alot of stacked items in here i think it has 10 slots , but unlimited amounts per stack.

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