H1Z1 Crafting & Survival Guide (Intro)

N1Z1, welcome to the Apocalypse.

First up lets say you just joined the game , spawned in an area with nothing but the cloths on your back with sweet memories of times before the zombie apocalypse, now what. Well I’m glad you asked. You have on you all the necessary items to at least defend yourself until you can do some scavenging. Namely the following :-


Please take note of the “Character Loadout” “Crafting” and “Discovery” tabs at the top of the image.

1 x Belt

1 X Shirt

1 x Pants

1 x Bundle of Gauze ( 5 x Gauze for bandaging )

1 x Flare ( used to attract/distract Zombies )

First up , unpack your gauze ( right click on the bundle), this will come in handy later on. Then do the same to your shirt or pants ( I’d not shred the belt, as they are rare to come by ) this will yield 2-4 cloth which you will use in a moment. Next take a look around your location you should find little trees or plants around you, find the ones that yield “wood stick”, Press “E” when next to them to collect a few 6-8 to start with should be fine.

Ok next we need to “Discover” a couple of things so you can craft the first and arguably the most important items as a beginner. Press “i” to open up your inventory again. Goto the discovery Tab, from here you’ll notice on the right side  your gauze and flare are greyed out. That means they are not available for any discoveries.


However, you’ll also notice your sticks and cloth are available for a discovery, so lets go ahead and discover our first items. To discover , just drag and drop the item into one of the blank boxes provided, if something is available either the discover box will light up or it will say you require more items to try and make a discovery.

Wood Stick + Scrap of Cloth = Makeshift Bow

Wood Stick = Wooden Arrow / Punji Stick

Scrap of Cloth = Bandage

Once you have discovered these, go ahead and craft them via your inventory “i” under the “Crafting” tab. First up should be your bow, then of coarse you will need some ammo also. Once these 2 items are done, you should be ready to face the new world of face ( and brain ) eating zombies….. Congrats

Next, point in any direction and start running, you’ll eventually come across a road, a house , a wrecked car,  maybe some shops ohhh and of coarse zombies. Loot anything and everything you can. your next step is to discover a “Makeshift Hatchet”.

1 x Wood Stick + 1 x Scrap Metal

You can find extra cloth mainly in houses when you scrap items you don’t need and from zombies, metals scraps are generally found on wrecked vehicles.

once you have this item , you can start to collect extra cloth from zombies you have killed as well as meat from animals and defend yourself with if on a pvp server 🙂

The next item after this one is to create a “Satchel” which gives you an extra 300 space to collect items, that is unless you happen to find a better backpack before you have the items needed to make it.

6 x Scrap of Cloth


Well from here happy hunting, this is just a beginners guide to start off your adventure, a more comprehensive guide will be next on my agenda.

Hey that rhymes …..






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